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Guitars Gone Bad: How to Check Out a Guitar

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Most guitars you’ll find on Craigslist, Marketplace, garage sales, and even your local guitar shop, will have a variety of problems that will affect your ability to play and enjoy the instrument.

Some guitar problems are fatal (to the guitar, not the player!), yet may not be readily noticeable.

Even seasoned guitar players will miss signs of serious problems and I often have to tell them that it will cost several times what they paid for the guitar, to make it worth playing!

I am a professional guitar tech with years of experience buying, selling, repairing, and setting up guitars and even I sometimes fail to slow down and actually inspect a guitar before buying.

That is unlikely to happen to you, with this book as your guide. No, you won’t have to take the book with you, guitar shopping. There’s a “Quick Guide” at the back of the book to jog your memory and give you a checklist to ensure you won’t overlook anything.

If you’re shopping for a guitar, this book will undoubtedly pay for itself by guiding you to pass-up bad deals and helping you spot less serious problems that will help you negotiate a lower price.