Clearwater Guitar Repair

Clearwater Guitar Repair

Guitarists from Clearwater and surrounding areas, know where to go for expert, fast guitar repairs and setups. Hank’s Guitar Shop has three experienced guitar techs providing Clearwater guitar repair –

  • Hank has experience spanning decades. He’s been providing expert guitar repair and setups for the Clearwater area for over ten years and is the author of several guitar tech books, such as Guitar Setups for Professionals.
  • Marc is an expert guitar repair tech with over fourteen years experience with Dean Guitars.
  • John is a knowledgeable apprentice who has been getting guitar repair training at Hank’s Guitar Shop, just north of Clearwater, for several months.

While many guitar shops in the Clearwater area take weeks or even months to do repairs or setups, Hank’s Guitar Shop doesn’t do business like that. Think about it. You know your guitar isn’t actually on the bench while a tech works on it for weeks!

No. Your guitar sits on a rack waiting somewhere in Clearwater, while you sit at home waiting for your guitar repair to be done. What’s the point? These guitar shops probably want to have a steady income and guitar repair, like most businesses can have its ups and downs.

So by letting the work stack up, they have a steady stream of guitar repairs at their customers’ expense!

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Our philosophy is different. If work is stacking up, we work longer. Our goal is that no job takes more than seven days. Our average is three to four days. Restrings take one day.

And we’ve invested in the right, professional tools that speed our guitar repair work significantly.

Want more? Hank’s Guitar Shop gives a 30-day warranty with every setup. If anytime in the following thirty days you find you’d prefer an adjustment, just bring it back and we’ll have a tech helping you resolve the issue while you wait!

Why wait any longer? Go get that guitar. Tell ’em, “Thanks, but I’m taking it to Hank’s!”

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