Restring Your  Guitar 

or Violin, Ukulele, etc.

restring violin

Correct Re-Stringing is Important!

Re-stringing your instrument is not just a hassle, it’s a task that needs to be done properly or your playing experience will suffer!  In my experience, over 90% of players do not know how to properly install and stretch new strings.

guitar restring tools

Guitar Restring Tools

Helpful guitar restring gadgets include a string winder, peg puller, and string cutter.

Improper re-stringing and string stretching can cause tuning problems and poor playing experience!

Let the professionals at Hank’s Guitar Shop take care of your instrument re-stringing chores.  Not only will we quickly and inexpensively re-string your guitar, violin, bass, ukulele, etc., but we’ll do it properly, professionally and utilize proper string-stretching technique to ensure tuning stability and your playing enjoyment!

Restring Service for instruments with six or fewer strings.  Strings are not included in the service price.  Classical guitar, 12-string & Floyd Rose type restrings are extra.

professional re-string instrument service