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Guitar Setups for Professionals

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Unlock the power of proven, sequential techniques for consistency and mastery in your work, while building great … This book makes a great training manual! Paperback – August 31, 2023

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Dive into the Ultimate Guide for Guitar Setup Mastery and Thriving Business Success! This comprehensive book is your ticket to achieving flawless guitar setups that resonate with perfection, leaving your customers singing your praises. Uncover a treasure trove of proven, step-by-step methods meticulously crafted to ensure unmatched uniformity and excellence in every aspect of your work.

Inside these pages, you’ll discover the secrets to not only achieving consistent and exceptional results in guitar setups, but also fostering positive and enduring interactions with your valued customers. From the intricacies of adjusting action, intonation, and truss rods, to the art of fret leveling and polishing (with our companion book, “Level & Crown”, you’ll acquire a complete toolkit of skills that’ll set your guitar service business leagues ahead.

But that’s not all – this book isn’t just about technical finesse. It’s a holistic guide that equips you with savvy marketing tips tailor-made for the guitar service industry. Learn how to captivate your audience, establish an impeccable reputation, and effectively market your services to a wide array of guitar enthusiasts.

Whether you’re running your business from the comfort of your home workshop or in a bustling retail store, this book provides you with the know-how to not only survive but thrive in the competitive world of guitar services. Turn your passion into a prosperous enterprise, delighting musicians by greatly improving their instruments. Get ready to strum the chords of excellence, customer satisfaction, and business triumph with ‘Guitar Setups for Professionals.

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