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In Palm Harbor on Hwy 19 behind Wendy’s
Expert, Personalized Care: Your Guitar’s Best Friend!


guitar setups and repairs

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used guitars palm harbor

Palm Harbor: New & Used guitars

Every used guitar has been thoroughly checked out, setup, and certified by our professionally trained guitar techs right here in Palm Harbor.

Take your time and try out the instruments that catch your eye!

Every guitar is guaranteed – even the setup has a thirty-day guarantee!  Everything else is guaranteed for 90 days! What other shop offers that???

Guitar Repair

basic setUp

This is what most shops call a “setup”.  Includes truss rod and saddle height adjustments, check hardware and set intonation.


Clean fretboard and frets, condition fretboard, polish frets, check all hardware, install, stretch, tune and intonate new strings.  (Does not include cost of strings)

Complete setup

Basic Setup plus nut work, dressing uneven frets, sharp fret ends, polishing frets, clean & condition fretboard, polish guitar, clean electronics & more!

Guitar Repairs

We do all repairs from broken necks, fret replacement, bridge reinstallation, eliminate soundboard belly, etc.


No electrical job is to big or too small!  From vintage double-necks with a dozen switches to simple piezo systems.

guitar mods and upgrades


Things rarely go smoothly on DIY upgrades, so why not let Hank’s techs, with the proper tools and experience, do the work for you?

“We offer the excellent guitar setups – Guaranteed!.”

– Hank Castello, Palm Harbor

“Play it before you pay.  But don’t worry – our guitar setups are guaranteed for 30 days!”

– Hank Castello

pickup & delivery

Can’t come to us?

We offer pickup and delivery on Wednesdays within 10 miles of our shop.  Someone must be present between 9am and 3pm.  $10 charge each trip.

guitar service pickup and delivery

Only expert technicians, trained by Guitars Done Right, will ever work on your instruments!

Let your guitar be its best

Our professionally-trained guitar technicians will see to it that your instrument will be the best it can be.  Don’t let your guitar hold you back!