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Play Guitar Now!

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The Fastest, Easiest Method to Learn Guitar (Paperback)

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Play Guitar Now! Break the rules! Use the cheats and start playing guitar now! Here are the secrets I learned fifty years ago from a self-taught, country music genius! I was playing guitar in just one week and you can too!

This book teaches the I, IV, V chord progression system for playing campfire-style rhythm guitar. Play thousands of country, folk and popular songs with just three easy chords, so you and your friends can sing along.

This book has what you need –

  • Choosing a guitar to learn on
  • What you’ll need to get started
  • Basic parts of a guitar
  • Preparing your guitar
  • How to easily learn each chord (including tricks and cheats)
  • Practice tips
  • Strumming styles
  • How to play songs with more than 3 chords
  • How to play songs in keys of C, F & G
  • How to transpose any key to C
  • Links to free practice tools
  • Resources for hundreds of songs

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