Learn To Setup Your Guitar

Bring your guitar to our four-hour group workshops and
never pay for setups again!
Setup Workshops (group) held monthly, Jan – Nov
Instructor: Hank Castello, author of –
Guitar Setups For Professionals

Individual instruction for setups, nut work, fret work, etc. is available Wednesdays & Sundays $250


Learn Guitar Setups
Hank Castello

About Hank

Hank is a seasoned guitar technician with a wealth of experience and knowledge in the industry and author of several guitar service books, including “Guitar Setups For Professionals“.


Guitar setup lessons

Guitar Setup Lessons

Setup classes for guitar players, offerred once a month.

Guitar Lessons

Beginner class will have you playing and singing along!

guitar shop

Guitar Shop Workshops

Train to run your own guitar shop business from home or store.

beginner ukulele lessons

Ukulele Lessons

Beginner ukulele lessons.

guitar repair

Workshop for Pros

Learn the GDR setup system for consistently thrilled customers!

dulcimer lessons

Dulcimer Lessons

Beginner dulcimer lessons.

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