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Bass Guitar Strings with Nickel-Plated Ball-End & Nickel Alloy Winding , 045-105 Medium Gauge

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Alice Bass String 4 Strings Set, Nickel Alloy Winding Bass Guitar Strings with Nickel-Plated Ball-End, 045-105 Medium Gauge

About this item

  • ANTI-RUSTING COATING – Alice strings are made of advanced steel cores and nickel-plated alloy winding, with nickel-plated ball-end
  • STAY IN TUNE – Wound strings feature an advanced electromagnetic property, even-steady vibration, and good tenuto
  • MEDIUM TENSION – String gauge: .045w, .065w, .085w, .105w
  • With coating retain their tone longer than any other bass string, uncoated or coated
  • PRODUCT IDENTIFICATION – Every set includes a Code for product identification.