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Vintage Kent 1960’s POLARIS II Solid Body Electric Guitar, made in Japan

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Step back in time with the Vintage Kent 1960s POLARIS II Solid Body Electric Guitar, a true gem from a golden era of music. This classic instrument captures the essence of the 60s with its distinctive design and vibrant sound. The Polaris II, renowned for its robust construction and smooth playability, features original pickups that deliver the rich, warm tones beloved by vintage guitar enthusiasts.

Perfect for collectors and musicians alike, this guitar not only offers a nostalgic trip down memory lane but also provides a unique playing experience that stands out in today’s modern music scene. Whether you’re rocking on stage, recording in the studio, or just jamming at home, the Kent Polaris II brings a piece of musical history to your fingertips. Own a slice of the 60s and let your creativity soar with this timeless electric guitar.