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Vintage Gibson Firebrand “The SG” STD

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The Gibson Firebrand “The SG” Standard, also known as “The SG Std.”, was a short-lived model in Gibson’s Firebrand series that was produced from 1979–1982.

Capture a slice of rock history with the 1980 Gibson Firebrand “The SG” STD, distinctively marked as a “SECOND” due to minor cosmetic flaws directly from the factory. This unique status adds an intriguing chapter to its story, making it a standout collector’s item with a tale to tell.

This guitar features the classic robust build of Gibson’s renowned SG series, crafted with a solid mahogany body and neck which ensure a warm, resonant tone and superb sustain. The natural walnut finish enhances its aesthetic appeal, showcasing the wood’s rich textures beneath a clear, glossy surface.

Equipped with powerful original Gibson humbuckers, this Firebrand model delivers a versatile range of tones, from deep, growling lows to piercing highs. Whether you’re playing crunchy rock, smooth blues, or fiery solos, this guitar responds with precision and clarity.

Despite being branded a “SECOND,” this 1980 Gibson Firebrand retains all the musical prowess Gibson is known for. It’s not just an instrument but a piece of music history, ideal for collectors, enthusiasts, and players seeking a unique guitar with character and exceptional sound quality. Own this piece of Gibson legacy and let its story enhance your musical journey.

Comes with unique well-labeled hard case for protection.

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