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Stratocaster, HSH, Flat Black Repaint with Tremelo

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Elevate your performance with this sleek Stratocaster electric guitar, featuring a dynamic HSH pickup configuration and a repainted flat black finish. Designed for versatility, the combination of humbucker and single-coil pickups provides a wide sonic palette, allowing you to effortlessly switch from thick, rich tones to sharp, clear accents.

Equipped with a responsive tremolo system, this guitar invites you to express your creativity with smooth vibrato and pitch-bending effects, enhancing your playing with expressive soundscapes. The slightly worn flat black aesthetic adds character and gives it a modern edge.

Perfect for guitarists of all styles and skill levels, this Stratocaster offers exceptional playability and reliable performance. Whether you’re shredding solos or crafting rhythm parts, this guitar will help you make your mark in the music world.

Professionally set up by Hank’s Guitar Shop with a 90 day warranty.