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Stratocaster, black with Maple Fender Neck and Squier Body (most likely)

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Unleash your creativity with this unique black Stratocaster, featuring a genuine Fender maple neck. This custom-built guitar blends classic aesthetics with personalized flair, offering exceptional playability and versatile sound. Equipped with a responsive tremolo system, it allows for expressive vibrato effects and dynamic playing styles.

The sleek black finish contrasts beautifully with the white pickguard, giving it a timeless look that’s perfect for any stage or studio setting. The smooth maple neck ensures comfortable playability and fast action, ideal for intricate solos and chord progressions.

Whether you’re a gigging musician or a hobbyist looking to expand your collection, this Partscaster Stratocaster delivers a rich tonal palette and reliable performance. Dive into a world of musical possibilities with a guitar that stands out in both sound and style. Make it yours and let your music shine!

Set up by Hank’s Guitar Shop with 90 day warranty.