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Super Squier Strat, Bullet, brand-new

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Experience the ultimate upgrade with our “Super Squier” Stratocaster! Outperforming many Mexican Fender guitars, this modded marvel boasts:

7 Pickup Positions: Unique B+N & All 3 modes for versatile sound.
Bridge Pickup Tone Control: Fine-tune your music.
Roller Guides: Unmatched tuning stability.
Fender-spec Nut Slots: Precise intonation.
Expertly Dressed Fret Ends: Smooth, level frets for flawless play.
Professional Setup: Ready to play with new, high-quality strings, perfectly stretched, tuned, and intonated.

Elevate your music journey with a “Super Squier”!

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Squier Strat, Bullet, brand-new, modded w/USA features + setup.

Your Super Squier Guitar has been modded to exceed the capabilities of many Mexican Fender guitars!

So, what is a “Super Squier”, you ask? A “Super Squier” Stratocaster is modded to have an extra 2 pickup positions (that’s what that switch is for!) for a total of 7 pickup positions. (Adding Neck + Bridge and All 3 as options for which pickups are active). And..well, let’s just list the minimum requirements as bullet points –

  • Additional 2 pickup positions (B+N & all 3)
  • Tone control for bridge pickup
  • Roller guides for tuning stability
  • Nut slots cut to Fender specs for better intonation
  • Fret ends dressed & all frets level
  • Complete, professional setup
  • New, quality strings, stretched, tuned and intonated

Brand-new, out of the box, these guitars have nut slots too high, too low, high action, sharp fret ends and about half had buzzing issues.  With our Super Squier, you not only get the added features of a USA Fender Stratocaster, but also a professional setup and a local one-year warranty!