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Squier Telecaster, Brand New!!!

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Introducing  – the Brand-New Squier Telecaster in a captivating shade of blue! This exceptional instrument has just undergone a professional setup by our team of seasoned experts, ensuring it’s not just ready to play, but primed to elevate your musical journey to unprecedented heights.  There’s a world of difference between a new guitar out of the box and one that’s gone from the box to a setup bench to ensure your playing enjoyment!

Crafted with precision and designed to embody the soul of rock ‘n’ roll, the Squier Telecaster boasts a sleek, lightweight body that’s as comfortable during long jam sessions as it is robust for those electrifying live performances. The vibrant blue finish isn’t just about looks; it reflects the boldness and creativity that lie at the heart of every musician.

With its meticulously calibrated action, you can glide effortlessly across the fretboard, from soulful melodies to blistering solos, without missing a beat. The iconic Telecaster tone, revered for its clarity and versatility, can now be yours, whether you’re laying down tracks in the studio or captivating audiences on stage.

But that’s not all. This Telecaster comes equipped with high-quality hardware and pickups that deliver a range of tones, from warm, rich lows to sparkling highs, ensuring every note you play is articulated with precision and depth.

Don’t miss this opportunity to own a professionally set up Squier Telecaster in blue. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just beginning your musical journey, this guitar is ready to accompany you on every step of your musical voyage. It’s not just an instrument; it’s your next companion in crafting the soundtrack of your life.

Act now and experience the unmatched playability and inspiring tones of the Squier Telecaster. Your musical adventure awaits!

Comes with one-year warranty from Hank’s Guitar Shop in Palm Harbor.