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Basic Setup

Original price was: $75.00.Current price is: $60.00.

Set neck relief (truss rod); string height (saddles),  & intonation.



(This is what some shops call a “Complete Setup” or just “Setup”) – Set neck relief (truss rod); string height (saddles), file high nut slots, set intonation and string change (strings extra).  This service is often viable for guitars that have received a complete setup within the past eighteen months and sometimes for new guitars.

Add $20 for Floyd-type floating tremolo systems.

Note that this service does not include addressing high or uneven frets or filling and re-filing low nut slots.

All others should get the Complete Setup service which includes the above, plus filing of high nut slots, fret level checking & dressing up to four high frets), dressing sharp fret endsg, check & clean electronics, hardware and string change, clean & polish, etc.

Cases where nuts need replacement or shimming are extra.