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Schecter Diamond Series, Omen-6, Custom Vinyl Wrap!

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Unleash your musical prowess with the Schecter Diamond Series Omen 6, a masterpiece of guitar craftsmanship made in the USA. Finished with a custom vinyl wrap, this guitar blends sophisticated aesthetics with aggressive performance capabilities, perfect for the modern guitarist.

The Omen 6 features a solid basswood body and a smooth maple neck, crowned with a rosewood fingerboard that ensures fast and fluid playability. Equipped with dual Schecter Diamond Plus humbuckers, it delivers a wide range of tones, from deep, growling lows to piercing highs, making it versatile enough for any genre, from metal to jazz.

With its precise craftsmanship and top-quality materials, this guitar offers exceptional durability and sound quality. The sleek, contoured body and unique finish not only provide comfort and style but also enhance the natural resonance and sustain.

Whether you’re shredding solos or laying down rhythms, this Schecter Diamond Series Omen 6 is designed to elevate your playing to new heights. Own the stage with this powerful, beautifully crafted instrument.  Professionally set up by Hank’s Guitar Shop with a 90-day warranty.