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Roland BOSS Katana KTN50 MKII, 50W Combo amp

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Elevate your guitar playing with the Roland BOSS Katana KTN50 MKII, a 50W 1X12 guitar combo amp known for its versatility and powerful performance. This used model is in great condition, offering all the dynamic range and tonal clarity that BOSS Katana amps are celebrated for.

The KTN50 MKII features five unique amp characters, customizable with BOSS Tone Studio, allowing you to sculpt your sound from vintage to modern styles. The amp also includes a variety of built-in effects, from reverb and delay to modulation, providing a palette of sounds to enhance your music without the need for external pedals.

Perfect for practice, studio sessions, or small gigs, this amp offers a 50-watt output through a 12-inch speaker, delivering crisp, loud sound that can fill any room. The power control feature allows you to achieve high-gain tone at lower volumes, making it apartment-friendly.

Take advantage of the opportunity to own a versatile and durable amp from a trusted brand. The Roland BOSS Katana KTN50 MKII is ready to help you craft your perfect sound.