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Line 6 Spider IV 15 15-watt 1 x 8″ Modeling Amp

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Lightly used amp – great sound!

Line 6 Spider IV 15 15-watt 1 x 8″ Modeling Amp Features at a Glance:

  • 15 watts
  • 1 x 8″ custom speaker
  • 3/4 closed-back cabinet for a tight, snappy response
  • 4 amp models masterfully dialed in by pro players
  • Sparkling clean tones to high-gain metal tones and beyond
  • Create, save, and recall 4 complete amp settings with the push of a button
  • Keep your hands on your guitar and switch channels with your feet using the optional Line 6 FBV2 foot controller
  • 6 brilliant and easy-to-use Smart FX (2 at once)
  • Effect models inspired by celebrated stompbox and studio effects
  • Bass, mid and treble knobs like the EQ controls of each modeled amplifier
  • Drive knob, channel volume, and master volume
  • Built-in tuner adds convenience and value
  • Headphone output for all-night jamming
  • High-quality direct-recording output
  • CD/MP3 input