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Guitar Setup Workshop – June 28 1pm

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Four-hour guitar setup workshop gives you hands-on training to help you be able to do your own guitar setups.  Rather sign-up for next month?  Click here..


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Instructed by Hank Castello, author of “Guitar Setups for Professionals” and “Level & Crown” a book covering all fretwork, this four-hour-plus guitar setup workshop gives you hands-on training so you’ll be able to do your own guitar setups.  Bring your own guitar (electric, bass or acoustic) to work on and save a setup fee while you learn!

Never again be at the mercy of guitar shops!  Keep your guitars perfectly setup better than many “professionals” can do the job!

Sign-up is limited to just eight students.  If you’re not among the first eight to sign up this month, you’ll have to wait until next month.

You’ll share a workbench with one other student, so that you’ll experience each operation twice – once as the hands-on tech, and once as an observer/assistant.  Student partners are rotated.  Your instructor and his assistant will be able to give you personal assistance when needed.

You’ll not only learn how to keep your guitars properly set up, you’ll also learn the “whys” and theory behind all aspects of guitar setups.  You’ll learn that most online “how-to’s” are wrong and can easily lead to damaging your guitar.  You’ll learn why the “T.R.A.I.N.” setup system is a recipe for a train wreck!

Introductory rates are 50% of full price, but this is only temporary, so sign up now!

All tools for this workshop will be supplied.  If you do not wish to bring your own guitar, let us know beforehand so we can supply you with a guitar similar to yours for this workshop.

The workshop covers basic setups and lightly touches on fretwork and nut work, as time allows.  The workshop is scheduled for roughly four and a half hours.

Pre-Pay online only.  We cannot accept payment at the door unless paid at least one week in advance.  The page will not accept payments after eight students (class limit) have enrolled.

There is a Wendys and a cafe just a few steps away and we’ll take a couple coffee breaks.

The workshop starts at 1pm.  No one will be admitted after 1:10pm.  No food or drink (other than water), nor smoking nor weapons are allowed in the building.  No recording is allowed.