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Beginner Guitar Lessons




Classes Every Saturday from 1pm to 2pm.

Group Guitar Lessons for beginners. Students will be learning to play rhythm guitar, where they are playing accompaniment for a singer or lead musician with the popular I-IV-V chord sequence in the key of C.

$10 each person covers both the Tuesday and Thursday classes.  Classes are limited to just eight students.

Payments apply to the next Saturday only.  We cannot refund or reschedule pre-paid lessons.

Lessons are based on the book “Play Guitar Now!” – by Hank Castello, available on Amazon.  A basic I, IV, V chord progression and rhythmic strumming is taught, aka: “Campfire Style” guitar playing.

Please do not bring acoustic guitars to class.  We will lend you an electric guitar for the class, if you need one.  Unplugged electrics are quieter than acoustics and make it easier to conduct classes.  Everything you learn on an electric guitar works exactly the same on an acoustic guitar.

Childern under 14 must be accompanied by a parent.

Note – some students will master the material by the second class while others may take longer.  Everyone learns at their own speed.  Practice is everything!