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Martin – Goya G-600 Dreadnought with cutaway, Bargain Price! (See Below*)

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Martin Goya G-600 Dreadnought – Exceptional Acoustic-Electric Tone, Pristine ConditionEdit: Guitar bottom bout damaged from fall from wall hangar.  Player epoxied the crack so it will not crack further and the guitar still plays great, but we’ve steeply discounted it.

Unleash the soulful resonance of the C. F. Martin Goya G-600 Dreadnought, a stunning acoustic-electric guitar featuring a convenient cutaway and premium Grover tuners. Meticulously cared for, this instrument boasts a flawless setup, no fret wear, and is freshly strung with new strings.

Dreadnought Brilliance: Experience the rich, full-bodied sound characteristic of Martin guitars. The Goya G-600 Dreadnought offers impressive projection and clarity, making it a versatile choice for any playing style.

Acoustic-Electric Versatility: Take your performance to the next level with the built-in acoustic-electric capabilities. From intimate acoustic sessions to plugged-in performances, this Martin is ready to shine in any setting.

Sleek Cutaway Design: The cutaway design provides easy access to higher frets, allowing you to explore the full range of the guitar with ease. Perfect for expressive playing and intricate melodies.

Precision Tuning: Featuring Grover tuners, this Martin guitar ensures rock-solid tuning stability. Stay in tune during extended playing sessions, whether you’re practicing at home or performing on stage.

Impeccable Condition: With no fret wear and a flawless setup, this Goya G-600 is a testament to its well-maintained history. It’s not just a guitar; it’s a commitment to quality sound and craftsmanship.

Freshly Strung: Equipped with new strings, this guitar is ready to deliver vibrant and resonant tones right out of the case.

Elevate your playing experience with the C. F. Martin Goya G-600 Dreadnought—a masterpiece that seamlessly blends acoustic warmth with electric versatility!

Grab this bargain-priced quality guitar before someone else does!