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Fender Player Duo-Sonic SS – Tidepool blue

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Professionally setup, checked out, restrung, intonated, etc. Like new – no fret wear!

Unleash your musical prowess with the Fender Player Duo-Sonic SS, distinguished by its distinctive 24″ scale length. Elevate your playing experience with its vibrant and dynamic sound, offering unparalleled playability. The slinky feel of this instrument makes mastering extended chords a breeze, while executing multi-step bends becomes effortlessly smooth.

Boasting a versatile sonic palette, the Player Duo-Sonic SS features single-coil pickups, delivering Fender’s signature sweet and glassy tone. Take command of your sound with a 3-way selector, Master Volume, and Tone controls.

Designed for both novices and seasoned players, the Fender Player Duo-Sonic SS is a guitar that garners unanimous praise. Discover a world of musical possibilities with this instrument that seamlessly marries playability and sonic excellence. Elevate your craft and fall in love with the exceptional qualities that define the Fender Player Duo-Sonic SS.