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Custom Fretless Bass, Short Scale, Seymour Duncan Pickup

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Elevate your bass game with this eye-catching Custom Four String Bass in Transparent Orange. Designed for players who seek both style and substance, this bass features a 24″ neck, a stunning transparent finish that showcases the natural wood grain, complemented by a sleek, modern design.

Equipped with a powerful Seymour Duncan pickup, this bass delivers a clear, punchy tone that cuts through any mix, making it perfect for a variety of musical settings from live gigs to studio sessions. The streamlined electronics ensure ease of use while focusing on pure, rich bass sound that inspires creativity.

The lightweight construction paired with a smooth, playable neck allows for comfortable, extended sessions whether you’re practicing or performing. This custom four-string bass not only looks exceptional with its vibrant orange hue but also offers unmatched playability and sound quality.

Ideal for bassists looking to make a bold statement, this instrument is a perfect fusion of form and function, ready to take center stage. Own this unique bass and bring your performances to life with its vivid sound and appearance.  Professionally set up by Hank’s Guitar Shop with a 90 day warranty.