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1995 Epiphone Special, made in Korea, Grover Tuners

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Featuring a sleek, timeless design, this 1995 Korean Epiphone Special, upgraded with Grover tuners is finished in a way that highlights its natural beauty and craftsmanship. Its comfortable neck and easy-to-play fretboard make it suitable for musicians of all levels, from beginners to seasoned professionals.

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Capture the essence of vintage charm and exceptional craftsmanship with this 1995 Epiphone Special, made in Korea.

Enhanced with Grover tuners for unrivaled precision, this guitar guarantees a performance that stays in perfect harmony, from the strum of the first chord to the final note. Its robust, versatile sound palette caters to every musical whim, offering crisp highs and deep, resonant lows that resonate with every strum. Beyond its sonic excellence, the Epiphone Special showcases a sleek design and comfortable playability, making it a prized possession for musicians at any skill level.

Whether for performance, recording, or simply enjoying at home, this guitar will surely be a cherished addition to any collection.