About Us

Our mission is to spread the joy and knowledge of stringed instruments and help players along their musical journey.

No matter where you buy, nearly every brand-new guitar gets shipped with at least two or more serious issues that negatively affect playability.  You can double or triple that for used guitars.  We carefully inspect, refurbush and set up every guitar we sell and back them up with our 90-day warranty!

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Hank’s Story

Hank’s “guitar tech journey” began in nineteen-seventy, training under the guidance of two esteemed guitar shops in Houston.   After relearning the guitar repair trade, he ran a successful guitar shop business out of his home in the Tampa / St Pete area of Palm Harbor, for nearly ten years before opening “Hank’s Guitar Shop” on Hwy 19.

He’s has built a thriving business, attracted a loyal customer base and has been sharing his experience on his websites – GuitarsDoneRight.com and GuitarFlipper.com.

Hank is the author of “Guitar Setups for Professionals”, “Level & Crown” and several others available on platforms like Amazon.com.  You’ll also find several of Hank’s guitar setup and repair videos on YouTube.

With the goal of fostering the growth and success of other guitar shops across the country, Hank is currently putting together a series of workshops to train guitar techs and help them start their own businesses.

“Guitar building is an art, and the job of a luthier.  Making that guitar play properly is a science, and the job of a guitar tech.”

– Hank Castello

“You can’t give consistent setups without measurements, yet most guitar techs brag that they never measure – they just go by ‘feel’.  “

– Hank Castello

It’s About Customers – Not Sales!

We are here for our customers.  We won’t sell a product or service that the customer doesn’t really need or that we don’t offer.  We’d rather lose the sale and win the customer.

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